Court Listings of Australia

Courts Listings of Australia app lets you quickly view the court listings for the day. You can quickly filter the court locations your interested in and also search by case number or case name. Monitor only the matters that you by 'following' them. You can also add them to your Calendar so you don't forget. Don't know how to get to your Court? The app has integrated directions to quickly guide you there, whether by walking, driving, or public transport.

  • View Court Listings from different Jurisdictions
  • Monitor specific Daily Lists by Court Locations, and/or Time period
  • Get directions to your Court Location by walking, driving, or public transport
  • View a Court Location on a Map
  • Follow/Unfollow matters
  • Add your court hearing to your Calendar


Supreme Court District Court
Local Court Coroner’s Court

Supreme Court County Court
Magistrate's Court VCAT

Supreme Court District Court

Supreme Court Magistrate's Court
District Court

Supreme Court Magistrate's Court
District Court Youth Court

Magistrate's Court District Court
Children's Court